A Glance Back and Peak into the Future

Welcome back, or I should say hello again, Network Advisor Q (NAQ) ,for short, is back once again to keep our most important clients, (You), up to date with what’s going on in our company.  So now that the introduction is out of the way here we go for October.


Fall is here! I hope everyone is ready for the soon to be, super busy season of holidays, to many school and sporting events to even count, overpriced shopping, and the huge amount of money we all must spend on gifts, food and decorations……


Going into any store, Halloween is already being replaced by Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations and items.  Retailers fast track one holiday for the next, never enough time to relax and enjoy them.  So enough about how fast the season is changing.


Network Advisor Q for its first month is doing great, we are gaining momentum, meeting and greeting new clients, and making offices everywhere more relaxed and happier that their technology is under control.  NAQ wants to remind everyone that our price match promotion is ending in November, and our special pricing deals we offer will soon be ending this month.  So, let friends and businesses know to get those “Price Match Proposal” request in.


Network Advisor Q wants to also remind small businesses that end the year in December and need or want those tax breaks on upgrades and replacement hardware, to start putting those plans and discussions on the table.  With the Holiday approaching, employees requesting time off and holiday parties to plan, you don’t want what little time you have missed, getting any new equipment, software upgrades, and hardware discounted in your taxes this year.  Remember the best projects, are not projects that are rushed, but projects that seamlessly integrate into your work flow.


NAQ wants to thank everyone who has liked us on Facebook and given us a warm welcome into the community.  To all the small businesses, non-profits, and sole proprietorships out there, we will support you, we will give you lower prices, better service, and reliable hardware.  We will let you know when devices in the network are acting up, and protect you from viruses and malware.  We will let you relax.  We will make it simple.


We are your Network Advisor!


Happy Halloween


Network Advisor Q


E: support@mynaq.com