Our Introduction to you.

Network Advisor Q is open for business.  It has been a long time coming.  It took some time to reflect on how to create a IT company that can take care of the needs of SMB’s, non-profit and the single user companies.  The three factors that were required were, affordable, sustainable, and exceptional work.  We at Network Advisor Q wanted to hold ourselves to higher standard than just making a dollar.  We want to be a company you come to trust, rely, and count on to provide you with the services and technology you need to take your business further.


Here is what we did.  We got the best software and teamed with trusted Partners and Vendors giving our clients choices they can afford and sustain.  Upfront costs on standard monthly services of your choice.  Flat rate cost on project and long-term work with no hidden fees.  Quality work from Support Specialists who are knowledgeable and trusted.  The most important item is peace of mind, when you reach out to us, you can trust and expect the work to be first-rate and completed correctly.  Network Advisor Q isn’t just your IT Provider, but a partner in your company’s future.


Please browse our Web-Site, pass it among your industry colleges and friends.  Until November 30th, Network Advisor Q is offering our own price match promotion.  Send us your current provider’s monthly bill, along with any changes you may want or issues you currently have with any of your computer technology.  We will then evaluate and send you back a proposal that will match and improve your current IT needs or beat your currently monthly cost and provide you with a plan that can save you money and better provide you with the service you need.


Network Advisor Q will not only give you the free proposal, match or beat the price, but also migrate your company’s services to your control, for free.  That is correct, move your backup, email, monitoring, Anti-virus, remote connections, and domains, all for free.  Hours of work to be performed for free, the best part of the whole process is when it is done it will be 100% in your control.  So, if you decide to move or switch providers or just want a change of pace by hiring an internal guy.  All your services are yours, your control, you own them, no high-jacked email, or domains. We believe you should own your own tools and we help you manage it.


Again, look, evaluate, it’s not going to hurt to get a free proposal.  Go ahead and ask questions, it is your right, your say, your company’s future.  We are at a time where everyone needs technology. We are tired of other service providers selling SMB’s, non-profits, and the little guys, technology and services that are costly, over-kill, and unneeded and pricey for the client.  To make it worst after a while if you do not conform to their needs you are forgotten and then overcharged when you call for support later.  Why should you have to have a money pit for your technology needs, start making technology work for you, have a budget that is friendly and supportive for growth and expansion.  Take back control, bring technology in as a partner and not another red line item in your bank ledger.



Thank you


Network Advisor Q


E: support@mynaq.com