November – The Forgotten Month

Network Advisor Q welcomes everyone back again for our monthly updates.  This month in review ” Its Christmas, lets just skip Thanksgiving”.  It seems the older we get, the shorter November becomes, every year the corporate machine seems to knock off a few more days in November to get you closer to the holy shopping day- Black Friday. Lets also not forget adding in Cyber Monday, well NAQ wants to remind all you parents and young adults to do your research on the the tech, whats hot or hyped up now could be obsolete in less than a month.  Please read the reviews, check compatibility and requirements and most important – Dads, men, boys…… read the instructions…… then read again.


Toys for big boys and the highly coveted lets out-do the neighbor is way over-rated, purchase what will suite your needs and enjoy what you purchase.  Some ideas for the home are Sonos audio  speakers, the coveted Alexa Echo, Dot , and Tap, home automation lighting, remote switches and  cameras….. These items are easily configurable, work with each other and are nice little additions to enjoy through out the years to come.  Trust me being able to remotely turn off all the lights my kids left on is a godsend, no more running around the house after them  or yelling.  Track who enters the house , see who is there, and of course freak out the neighbors when your on vacation…….  For all you non tech people that just want to take a hammer to it all, we can help, configure setup and explain how to enjoy that really nice tech you received as a gift.


In November, we are enjoying the gift of giving, we recently helped a 4th grade class get a replacement “SmartBoard”, not leaving out the donations made by our clients and friends.  We have been donating time to repair some computers for an after school learning center.  Network Advisor Q is also participating in the “Shop Small” Campaign sponsored by Amex.  We also are reminded that this month is men’s health awareness and The National Food Drive for the homeless- get your cans , coats and blankets to those local shelters!.

Network Advisor Q still has some open spots for our “ride along- meet you there”, shopping assistant still open, so please don’t wait last minute to get a date scheduled.  The NAQ Promo is ending end of month for the Free Quote and migration of Price Match Plus ( Plus = beat) your current provider’s monthly services.

Again NAQ says, “thank you for all the support”, We want this year to end on a good note so next year we can start on a high note.  For all of you just tuning in to our monthly spout, Network Advisor Q wants you to know, hear are some of our managed services offered, but please call request a quote, or just say hello.

No contract required

  • Client Ticketing and Knowledge-base Portal (track open and closed issues reported)
  • Office 365 email and apps
  • Offsite backup
  • Remote Pc Monitoring – health and windows updates
  • Remote connection
  • Application upgrade and patch management
  • Monthly Server Maintenance
  • Remote Monitored Antivirus and Malware protection
  • Standard Hardware updates and patches

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone