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Where does your Internal Network Stand…

Network Advisor, back from CES 2019 and what did we learn from all those new and trending ideas.  Besides TV’s become thinner, more resolution and fold-able, artificial intelligence is coming and no one wants to drive to work (self driving cars are here).  The 2019 Consumer Electronic Show again was just memorizing, we got to play with new tech, old tech renewed and future tech on the cutting edge of AI and self-awareness.  What does this all tell us, what do we tell our consumers, where do we want to go.

Network Advisor Q spoke with and had conferences regarding the infrastructure and backbone components of the world wide web (internet), and how companies need to maintain the internal networks to be compatible and fast to accommodate the newest of technologies.  Seeing that most providers are starting the 5g testing and mainstream adaptation, it will come down to business keeping up with the internal network to be able to transfer that speed and access to today’s technology.

What’s most important to us besides proactively monitoring and updating the pc, is making sure the network your on is running reliably at peak performance.  Network Advisor Q has partnered with companies such as Ubiquity, Cisco, Trend Net, Netgear, and Linksys to provide affordable cutting-edge internal networking equipment and monitoring to keep companies speed and data flowing within and outside their networks.

New structures in access points and mesh networks allow stronger faster Wi-Fi signals, new fiber connection between switches and gateway routers allow full speed utilization and optimizations, and monitoring the internal network for bottle necks, drops, hardware patches and speed allow more controllable less expensive network trouble-shooting and maintenance.  Performance, Control, and Reliability are the key to your internal network.

Network Advisor Q and our partners want to let you know that a good foundation (a good internal network layout) can not be compromised in order to give the expectations of great performance and smooth workflows between internal and cloud-based programs and data.  Informative and in real time NAQ can provide you with the data required to keep your internal network up to date and optimized for performance and reliability.

What does the future hold for us and our companies…?  The ability to be connected to each other through complex and simple network infrastructures that are optimized for performance and sustainability.

Make sure your network can take the next step,  Give us a call to see how we can help you.  At home or at work let us help keep you connected.

Network Advisor Q

Online Holiday Shopping Season is here- Basic steps to help keep you safe from scams.

Phishing, Scammers, and Trojan Keyloggers,- attacks are rising in frequency this Holiday season.


Network Advisor Q wants to remind everyone during this holiday season of shopping online and looking for gifts to be careful, cautious and alert.  Phishing emails to try to have you relinquish your password to email and other sites are becoming more and more frequent, fake alerts that your infected and need to call to get your computer fixed pop up from unprotected compromised sites and redirected fake sites are showing up more and more.


Network Advisor Q wants you to be safe this holiday shopping season.  There are enough complications in everyone’s life that we don’t need to add being hacked or identity theft to the pile.  Here are some steps to protect yourself.

Make sure your antivirus and firewall features are updated and running.


Make sure windows or your OS are fully updated and patched with the latest security updates and downloads.


Go to places you trust on the web, and if a email comes to you to verify some password or login, don’t use the embedded link in the email- open your browser and log directly into the site to see if its real.


Most web sites also have contact info for consumers, if you receive a suspicious email from a site call and confirm, a 30-minute phone call can save you hours, days, or years trying to get your identity back.


Take your time reading the email or pop up– check for grammar and spelling mistakes to the most common English words and sentence structure. Check the senders address for example this did not come from Microsoft because the domain doesn’t even reference a Microsoft owned domain name (red lettering).


When in doubt call a professional, or more knowledgeable friend. Most companies such as mine will freely give you advice for a one- or two-minute conversation.  Network Advisor Q encourages calling or emailing us if you are questioning a suspicious email or site.


After a pop-up or site that looks fake is opened, do a quick scan for malware or viruses, close the current browser, even restart your pc and open a new browser window to

see if it has affected the settings. Example.. changing the default search engine from google to (webhelper) or it changed your home page to a different site.  If any of the above -call your professional to help revert and clean the infection of spyware or virus.


If it sounds to good to be true, it’s probably fake– We all get them, emails and sites that promise free items or amazon gift cards. DON’T,  the more lists and sites you register to, increases the ability for a phishing scam to infiltrate your pc and increases the amount of junk mail you receive.


Change up and regularly change your passwords to financial institutions and email sites. As much it is a pain to do these items, it does secure your privacy better, just because they know one password doesn’t mean they can get all passwords.


Finally, when available and if it doesn’t mess with functionality of any programs- enable 2 step authentications. This will prevent unauthorized access to your accounts, it will also notify and record logs of when the account was accessed and even from what ip address.  It will prevent and help in fighting the never-ending battle against people who want to do you harm.

Network Advisor Q want you and your family to have a safe and Happy Holiday this year.  Remember to be safe and vigilant on the web, rely on your professionals, and remember to try to Shop Local.  We have included some phishing emails and pop up images throughout the article for reference.  We are here for you if you may have any questions.




Tech repair and service company with heart

“Working for and with the true American dream”

One of my company’s goals and resolutions is to work with residential, Home-based, Small Business and Non-Profits.  That is what drove myself, with the support of my friends and family, to finally step out from behind the curtain of other tech companies and launch a new standard of tech service provider.  A tech company that can take pride in its grass roots, and not just recycle facts and statistics of what’s already being done and being mass marketed as “tech standard”.  I want to make a difference in our client’s happiness and success.


“Breaking the Standard”

Small isn’t bad, slow isn’t the enemy, and like democracy- you will always have a choice.  Time and time again working for other tech companies, I have seen the indifference, price gouging, and bias applied to businesses that do not meet the cookie-cutter requirements of not doing things the way the standard tech companies want.  Buy this router, we only support this vendor or product, backup here so we get a piece of the return, or you can’t be supported on our cheaper plans because your equipment doesn’t meet our standards and support levels.  Eventually any support given to anyone who doesn’t fall into the standard norm is overcharged, not satisfactory, or just radically overpriced.

Not any more, Network Advisor Q is here to support the needs of residential, Home-based, Small Business, and Non- Profits.  I created a company where my clients, my vendors, and my team of technicians are all partners in the same goal.  We all want to grow and succeed, provide for our families and employees, and be happy and as stress free as can be.


“Enjoying the Work”

Network Advisor Q as a company over the last year has applied our non-standard business model and found that it is very sustainable to be affordable and provide great customer experiences and satisfaction with the services we provide.  Being a single project, a monthly service, a one-time on-site repair, or even just a consultation.  The level of service and performance of the client has always been at the highest level.  We enjoy our work; my team enjoys working with our clients and our clients enjoy working with us.  Network Advisor Q is a partner in the success of our client’s business, and in turn, we grow as they grow.


“Lowering the Cost – what’s the payoff”

Network Advisor Q keeps a low overhead and employs a simple method into reducing the cost for our clients.  We provide our clients with what they can afford, we manage products and sell services that are built for the size of their company and not for what they could be in a year or two.

Network Advisor Q offers repairs and fixes, that remediate the issue completely or its free.  We don’t attack issues just as they arise but offer advice, products and services that are pro- active and help eliminate problems that could arise.  We look at the bigger picture and get a full understanding of what a client wants to do before implementing a plan.  The team works with the clients and offers fixes around the schedules of the person or persons having the trouble.  We talk to our clients and listen to what they say and make advisement on it.

What is the pay off?

For our clients, they don’t call for reoccurring issues, the don’t email us for broken hardware, we see it first and call them.  Our clients aren’t calling or emailing every day for small annoyances and issues that are easily avoidable, including email connection problems. They do not loose time during work hours.

For Network Advisor Q, we can manage and handle more clients with less staff reducing the overhead. Providing the ability to reduce the cost for labor for our clients but still providing great customer service and care.


“Why is this good”

With it being harder and harder in today’s business world to open, run, and maintain a business the last thing any owner needs is a large overhead cost for technology and the services that come with it.  Network Advisor Q strives to make each client experience with I.T. simple, pleasant, and low cost.  Our clients then can concentrate on the business of what needs to be done and not why it can’t be done.  Providing this frees them to grow and succeed.  This makes Network Advisor Q succeed.

I will be first to admit it, I will never become a millionaire, nor will I ever be known other than “the computer guy” in some cases.  At Network Advisor Q, we know in are hearts we are helping keep an American dream alive for someone.  Providing our clients affordable rates, and great customer service is what we enjoy.


Keep the dream alive – Shop local, Shop USA.


Thank you to all of those that support us in our endeavors and thank you to all our local clients and friends.


“The Support Team @ Network Advisor Q”

Windows 10 October Update -yes please install


Microsoft is set to release Windows 10 October 2018 Update soon — next month, you should update because it will keep you and your PC more secure.


There are two types of Microsoft updates: feature updates and quality updates:


  • Feature updates add new features and functionality and are generally released twice a year — once in the spring and once in the fall. Windows 10 October 2018 Update is a feature update.


  • Quality updates provide security and reliability fixes and are released monthly — typically on what is known as Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of every month.


With each update, Microsoft patches known security vulnerabilities. If you don’t stay current, then you are leaving yourself open to nefarious individuals exploiting flaws in Windows to access your PC and your data.

Keeping current with Windows updates is one of the most effective ways in protecting yourself. And if you think installing Windows updates is a pain, it is certainly less painful than getting infected with malware or getting hacked.

A good argument can be made for delaying an update for a few days or weeks to make sure Microsoft is able to iron out all the kinks.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update will introduce some new features. They include:

  • The Your Phone app for cross-Windows 10/Android communications.
  • Updates for Windows Mixed Reality, including support for more AR-like experiences and the ability to use a headset without a monitor.
  • Updates to Edge for managing autoplay audio and Windows Hello-based website logins.
  • The rollout of the SwiftKey keyboard for touch, laying the groundwork for dual-screen tablets.
  • Separation of font scaling settings from the rest of the interface’s scaling, a useful tool for high-resolution displays that can make text both incredible crisp and insanely tiny.
  • A new and improved screenshot tool.
  • Game Bar enhancements including improved audio recording and system performance monitoring.
  • A notification telling you if an application is still using an external GPU when you try to detach it.

Network Advisor Q – Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Network Advisor Q

Our Promise:
We will make I.T. simple …
We will make I.T. affordable …
We will make I.T. less stressful …

Our Goals:
To provide the best quality service and products that fit our client’s needs.
To reduce the overhead cost of having technology, its management and care.
To give fair and reasonable pricing to small businesses, home-base business, residential and non-profit companies and organizations.

When Network Advisor Q started on its journey 1 year ago, we made an absolute promise to ourselves and our clients, we will not become a cookie cutter, big box provider. We want to keep it personal, keep it simple, keep it low cost and above all provide only what clients want and need to run a successful and profitable business in today’s computer age.

Yes, there are difficulties and hurdles along they way to be able to mesh a client needs and wants with the technology they can afford, however in the end a good provider will find the balance for each client. We find it is better to have a client be able to profit and afford the luxuries of technology then struggle, falter, and possibly fail because the strain of up-keep costs for high priced technology and unreliable services for their company.

Network Advisor Q wanted a better relationship with our clients then a paycheck. We decided that we can work within a company’s budget, providing affordable products that are needed, providing great services, and servicing each company as an individual vs. a boxed solution. This allows each company to grow as fast or a slow as needed allowing the technology to conform correctly within the company.

On our anniversary we give thanks to those companies and vendors that want a change from the standard I.T. company, choose to work with us, choose to become our clients and chose to stay. We welcome any other company, anytime to come see what we can provide for them, while working with them to grow.

How we choose to work and who we work with not only provides a good foundation for future growth but allows both companies to grow together relying on the strength of each other in an unsure economic future. There will always be a need for some technology in business, how a company manages I.T. and cares for it will determine the success of its integration into the workflow.

At Network Advisor Q, quality is not dictated by price, Quality is in our ability to maintain and care for a client and or company in the best way possible easing the burden of overhead cost for those products or services while still giving 100% support.

Network Advisor Q knows without you, there is no us.

Again, Thank You for letting us support you.


Steve C. & Support Staff
Network Advisor Q


Are you ready for the GDPR in May?

The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as the GDPR, is going into effect on May 25th – and your company is probably not ready. There is some basic news, some good news, some not so good news and some scary news. Let’s take a look at each.


By W. Curtis Preston, Contributor, Network World | Mar 26, 2018 6:08 AM P

[Note: The author of this article is not a lawyer and this article should not be considered legal advice. Please consult a privacy specialist.]

The basic news

The GDPR covers all personal data your company stores on data subjects in the EU – whether or not your company has nexus in the EU. Personal data is defined as data that can be used to identify a person.  It’s similar to the concept of personally identifiable information (PII) that we have in the US, but it is broader. PII typically includes actual identifying elements like your name, social security number, and birthday, focusing mainly on the data required to fake your identity with a lender. Personal data includes what the US calls PII, plus any data that can be used to identify you in any way, which includes things as basic as an email address, online personality (e.g. twitter handle), or even the IP address where you transmitted a message from.

A data subject is the “person” to which the personal data applies. To be subject to the GPDR, the subject must be an EU citizen residing in the EU at the time the data was created. The location of the company or its headquarters is irrelevant.

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There are several aspects of the GDPR, including the requirement of companies to act responsibly in gathering and storing personal data, including making sure that they collect only data necessary to do the task at hand.  For example, if you don’t need to store the data subject’s IP address, don’t store it. You must also privacy into account in all aspects of system design.  The GDPR calls this Privacy by Design.  Some companies will be required to appoint a data protection officer, or DPO. (In this context, data protection is more concerned about privacy than backup and recovery.)

The two requirements that data protection (i.e. backup, recovery, & archive) people are likely to be concerned with is the requirement to (upon request) supply a data subject with all their personal data, and to delete all of it if they ask you to.  (You may keep some data if you can demonstrate a legitimate business need for it.)  The concern here is that the GDPR covers all personal data your company has on a subject, including any data in the backup or archive systems. (More on that later.)

The good news

The general opinion about the GDPR seems to be that it was written with companies like Google and Facebook in mind – companies that store a lot of personal data on people that are not employers, partners, or customers.  (Remember, unless you are advertising on Facebook, you are not its customer; you are the product. The same is true on Google unless you’re advertising on Google or using G-Suite; Gmail doesn’t count.)

As of this writing, the news about the harvest and misuse of Facebook data by Cambridge Analytica is at the top of many news feeds. This is exactly what the GDPR was written for.  People that want to #deletefacebook now have a regulation that says they can tell Facebook to delete all history of their existence in Facebook, and Facebook will have to comply.  Not complying will cost them even more dearly than this fiasco has already cost them.

The other good news is the following. Although the EU has been preparing for the GDPR for the last several years, a lot of companies don’t seem quite ready for it to go into effect in May. In addition, a lot of vendors aren’t sure how they’re going to help their customers comply with the GDPR.  So, if you’re not ready, you’re probably not alone – especially if you live in the US. US companies seem to just now being waking up to the realization they need to comply with the GDPR.

There are also provisions in the GDPR that give some hope.  One provision talks about legitimate interests for personal data.  So, if you can demonstrate a legitimate reason for a given set of data, it may be exempt from some of the GDPR requirements, like discovery and deletion. For example, a law enforcement organization certainly cannot be required to present data from an ongoing investigation that might compromise said investigation, and it cannot be required to delete all personal data on a subject just because he or she says so.

There is also a provision that talks about if things are “technically possible.”  The courts may allow a defense that says, “based on the products and services we use, it is not technically possible to satisfy that request at this time.”

The not-so-good news

The key phrase in the last sentence in the previous paragraph is may. There is no case law yet.  No one has any idea yet how the courts are going to interpret this new regulation.  What are they going to consider a legitimate reason for keeping data?  Investigation records like those mentioned previously are an easy one. What about purchase history of an existing customer?  What about data related to those purchases?  Do you really need to store the IP address a customer was using when they made a purchase?  No one knows how the courts are going to rule on this yet.

For now, this can be interpreted as “semi-good” news -- if you’re not one of the types of companies that people believe are the big targets.  It’s a good chance the people at Google, Facebook, and the like are having many meetings about how to comply with these requirements from the beginning. So, this “not-so-good news” should not be taken to mean that you can sit on your haunches and wait for some case law before deciding what to do. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to start talking to your vendors about how you will comply with some of the more challenging aspects of this regulation.

There are a lot of companies advertising “GDPR compliant” products, or product that are “GDPR certified.”  At this point there is no such thing as being GDPR certified.  And no product is going to make you GDPR compliant. Complying with GDPR is as much about process and procedure as it is about the products you use. In fact, some would say even more so.

The scary news

One big question for data protection professionals is whether or not backups and archives are included when it says you have to delete a given data subject’s personal data.  If they are included, what’s going to happen when you say to a data subject that it’s not technically possible to delete a given subject’s data out of the middle of a backup in the middle of a backup tape somewhere?

Are the courts going to interpret that as non-compliant and stick you with the huge fine of 4% of your annual revenue or 20 million Euros (whichever is greater)? If so, there will be very few companies that will compliant come May 25 because this requirement simply wasn’t built into backup software design. Backups were meant to hold onto everything by design. Asking a backup system to selectively design stuff is like asking the proverbial scorpion to ride on the back of the turtle without stinging it – it goes against its very nature.

If this is the first time you’re reading about the GDPR, you’ve got some catching up to do.  The good news is there is a lot of information available on the official GDPR website.  Make sure you’re familiar with everything there before you start reaching out to those who will try to sell you “GDPR compliant” products.



**W. Curtis Preston is an expert in backup, storage and recovery, having worked in the space since 1993. He has been an end-user, consultant, and analyst, and has recently joined the team at Druva, a cloud-based data protection company.

The Right Tech for Small Business Success in 2018

By Chris Francis

cloud computing

Though 2018 is well underway, it’s never too late to start strategizing for the year ahead.

From social media automation platforms to IoT security measures, 2017 proved to be an eventful year for small business technology. If early signs are any indication, 2018 is sure to bring more of the same.

Dive into four innovations your business needs to stay one step ahead of the competition in 2018.

Cloud computing

Worth nearly $150 billion just a year ago, cloud computing is set to pick up steam over the next few months. In fact, the global public cloud market could rise to $178 billion in 2018. When you consider the benefits cloud computing brings to small businesses, such growth isn’t too hard to fathom.

Not only can cloud computing introduce additional security, efficiency and flexibility when it comes to accessing programs and data, but it can also help take the hassle out of tracking important files. All too often, small businesses suffer devastating cyber security attacks or accidently delete sensitive data. Cloud computing is one way to combat such risks — and a growing number of businesses are starting to take note. Almost 50 percent of small businesses backup their data to the cloud each day. Following in their footsteps with cloud computing technologies will help keep your valuable data under wraps.


Four out of five businesses already use or plan to use chatbots by 2020. As more companies catch on to the cost effectiveness and versatility of chatbots, that number may continue to soar moving forward. By providing 24/7 online customer service, chatbots can help your business meet the demands of time-strapped consumers. For potential customers who work non-traditional hours, finding time to ask questions or share feedback during your normal business hours isn’t always easy. Chatbots help ensure consumers get the answers they need — any time, day or night.

Better yet, this up-and-coming innovation can do more than just resolve customer questions. Whether it’s pinpointing products, highlighting sales or sending out shipping notifications, chatbots can enhance the customer experience in more ways than one.

Collaboration tools

When it comes to the success of your business, effective communication is crucial. Improving communication can lead to higher levels of engagement among your staff members. And with increased engagement comes the opportunity for greater productivity, sales and profitability. Leverage collaboration tools — such as Google Hangouts or Slack — to quickly and effectively relay important information throughout your business. From process updates to new offerings, opening up more communication channels can help ensure no piece of information goes unnoticed.

Not sure which tool is best for your business? Just ask. Surveying employees about the convenience of each communication channel can make your decision that much easier. It might also be a good idea to gather employee feedback a few weeks after rollout. Addressing any lingering questions or concerns can help you make the most of your new tool and ensure it’s meeting the needs of your business.

Mobile payments

A number of small businesses have made the move toward mobile payments — and over the next few years, plenty more will do the same. After reaching $112 billion in 2016, mobile payment volume in the U.S. is expected to top $280 billion by 2021. Keep up with the mobile movement by preparing to accept mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Wallet. The more mobile payment methods your small business can process, the better chance you have of retaining loyal customers and attracting new ones.

Perhaps even more importantly, mobile payments can set the stage for a superior customer experience. Instead of digging through their purse or wallet, customers can breeze through the checkout line in just seconds.

Another year, another chance at success. From chatbots to mobile payments, make 2018 the best year yet by implementing some of the small business industry’s top tech innovations.

Chris Francis is Vice President of Market Development at Worldpay US, a global payments provider for all channels: in-store, online and via mobile. To learn more, visit

I.T. support you want …….

I.T. Support You Want

Wouldn’t you like your Computer hardware and software just to work?

Wouldn’t you want great services and low-cost?

Wouldn’t you and your company want to be more productive and have less issues?

Wouldn’t you want things fixed the first time, but if issue arises again, have it fixed for free?

Our clients at Network Advisor Q have just that. 

We monitor and advise on issues before they happen. 

We address issues that pop up with quick response and very little interruption. 

We provide great products and services and low cost. 

We guarantee our work, why pay us again if we didn’t get fixed the first time!


Network Advisor Q has saved our clients (businesses and home users) hundreds and even thousands of dollars on removing bad services, replacing poor Managed Service Providers, and proactively caring for your Hardware and software.  N.A.Q. provides better services, better hardware, at costs you can afford and be happy with.

No one said your hardware had to be a red line item in your budget.  Network Advisor Q doesn’t even acknowledge it.  Your hardware and software should let you or your company provide goods and services to clients with very little disruption and more productivity allowing you to make profit.

Maintaining and forecasting purchases and lifespan on I.T. based on your needs as a company is what Network Advisor Q does.  Allowing you to get the best use of the product for the lowest cost.  This enables our clients to provide better, faster service, where needed, making happier employees and consumers.


Free evaluations, the ability to call and ask questions without a charge. Quoted projects and subscription services, Guaranteed fixed right, and NO Contracts.

Your Company

Your Hardware

Your Software

Your Data


Network Advisor Q brings it all together.  Relax…..  Let US Make I.T. Simple again…… 


Please call or Email us today for your Free Evaluation.