Tech repair and service company with heart

“Working for and with the true American dream”

One of my company’s goals and resolutions is to work with residential, Home-based, Small Business and Non-Profits.  That is what drove myself, with the support of my friends and family, to finally step out from behind the curtain of other tech companies and launch a new standard of tech service provider.  A tech company that can take pride in its grass roots, and not just recycle facts and statistics of what’s already being done and being mass marketed as “tech standard”.  I want to make a difference in our client’s happiness and success.


“Breaking the Standard”

Small isn’t bad, slow isn’t the enemy, and like democracy- you will always have a choice.  Time and time again working for other tech companies, I have seen the indifference, price gouging, and bias applied to businesses that do not meet the cookie-cutter requirements of not doing things the way the standard tech companies want.  Buy this router, we only support this vendor or product, backup here so we get a piece of the return, or you can’t be supported on our cheaper plans because your equipment doesn’t meet our standards and support levels.  Eventually any support given to anyone who doesn’t fall into the standard norm is overcharged, not satisfactory, or just radically overpriced.

Not any more, Network Advisor Q is here to support the needs of residential, Home-based, Small Business, and Non- Profits.  I created a company where my clients, my vendors, and my team of technicians are all partners in the same goal.  We all want to grow and succeed, provide for our families and employees, and be happy and as stress free as can be.


“Enjoying the Work”

Network Advisor Q as a company over the last year has applied our non-standard business model and found that it is very sustainable to be affordable and provide great customer experiences and satisfaction with the services we provide.  Being a single project, a monthly service, a one-time on-site repair, or even just a consultation.  The level of service and performance of the client has always been at the highest level.  We enjoy our work; my team enjoys working with our clients and our clients enjoy working with us.  Network Advisor Q is a partner in the success of our client’s business, and in turn, we grow as they grow.


“Lowering the Cost – what’s the payoff”

Network Advisor Q keeps a low overhead and employs a simple method into reducing the cost for our clients.  We provide our clients with what they can afford, we manage products and sell services that are built for the size of their company and not for what they could be in a year or two.

Network Advisor Q offers repairs and fixes, that remediate the issue completely or its free.  We don’t attack issues just as they arise but offer advice, products and services that are pro- active and help eliminate problems that could arise.  We look at the bigger picture and get a full understanding of what a client wants to do before implementing a plan.  The team works with the clients and offers fixes around the schedules of the person or persons having the trouble.  We talk to our clients and listen to what they say and make advisement on it.

What is the pay off?

For our clients, they don’t call for reoccurring issues, the don’t email us for broken hardware, we see it first and call them.  Our clients aren’t calling or emailing every day for small annoyances and issues that are easily avoidable, including email connection problems. They do not loose time during work hours.

For Network Advisor Q, we can manage and handle more clients with less staff reducing the overhead. Providing the ability to reduce the cost for labor for our clients but still providing great customer service and care.


“Why is this good”

With it being harder and harder in today’s business world to open, run, and maintain a business the last thing any owner needs is a large overhead cost for technology and the services that come with it.  Network Advisor Q strives to make each client experience with I.T. simple, pleasant, and low cost.  Our clients then can concentrate on the business of what needs to be done and not why it can’t be done.  Providing this frees them to grow and succeed.  This makes Network Advisor Q succeed.

I will be first to admit it, I will never become a millionaire, nor will I ever be known other than “the computer guy” in some cases.  At Network Advisor Q, we know in are hearts we are helping keep an American dream alive for someone.  Providing our clients affordable rates, and great customer service is what we enjoy.


Keep the dream alive – Shop local, Shop USA.


Thank you to all of those that support us in our endeavors and thank you to all our local clients and friends.


“The Support Team @ Network Advisor Q”