Where does your Internal Network Stand…

Network Advisor, back from CES 2019 and what did we learn from all those new and trending ideas.  Besides TV’s become thinner, more resolution and fold-able, artificial intelligence is coming and no one wants to drive to work (self driving cars are here).  The 2019 Consumer Electronic Show again was just memorizing, we got to play with new tech, old tech renewed and future tech on the cutting edge of AI and self-awareness.  What does this all tell us, what do we tell our consumers, where do we want to go.

Network Advisor Q spoke with and had conferences regarding the infrastructure and backbone components of the world wide web (internet), and how companies need to maintain the internal networks to be compatible and fast to accommodate the newest of technologies.  Seeing that most providers are starting the 5g testing and mainstream adaptation, it will come down to business keeping up with the internal network to be able to transfer that speed and access to today’s technology.

What’s most important to us besides proactively monitoring and updating the pc, is making sure the network your on is running reliably at peak performance.  Network Advisor Q has partnered with companies such as Ubiquity, Cisco, Trend Net, Netgear, and Linksys to provide affordable cutting-edge internal networking equipment and monitoring to keep companies speed and data flowing within and outside their networks.

New structures in access points and mesh networks allow stronger faster Wi-Fi signals, new fiber connection between switches and gateway routers allow full speed utilization and optimizations, and monitoring the internal network for bottle necks, drops, hardware patches and speed allow more controllable less expensive network trouble-shooting and maintenance.  Performance, Control, and Reliability are the key to your internal network.

Network Advisor Q and our partners want to let you know that a good foundation (a good internal network layout) can not be compromised in order to give the expectations of great performance and smooth workflows between internal and cloud-based programs and data.  Informative and in real time NAQ can provide you with the data required to keep your internal network up to date and optimized for performance and reliability.

What does the future hold for us and our companies…?  The ability to be connected to each other through complex and simple network infrastructures that are optimized for performance and sustainability.

Make sure your network can take the next step,  Give us a call to see how we can help you.  At home or at work let us help keep you connected.

Network Advisor Q