Covad-19 Pushes Businesses to Realize the Potential of Remote Staff

Network Advisor Q, like many MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) helped companies transition to a remote workforce.  Not because they wanted to, not because they finally gave in, but because they needed to to remain open.

Work environments that completely moved businesses to the “cloud “with Cloud computing and presence.  Smaller remote jumps, using private connections with remote software or 3rd party software to connect them to their desktop at work.  Either way, businesses are remote.

What does this massive work style change due for the future?  Will small businesses, and or large companies take advantage of their newfound expansion and freedom from “brick and mortar”.

Network Advisor Q has requests to deliver plans to reduce the physical on-site work force size for these companies.  They want to make a more flexible work environment; businesses are realizing that with the right staff and better incentives, productivity and satisfaction increases in staff.

An example is to reconfigure a client’s existing space to have half the staff present at a time.  They want to take 10 offices, and 6 cubicles away, reducing the size of their office space by half.

Estimated to happen within the next 6 months.  They have designed a plan to decrease the size of their office by half, and with minimal investment.  They will be leasing the other half of space to whomever wants it.  It will already include a conference room, a luncheonette, shared bathrooms and wired for internet, telecom, and video.

The savings will go to improve their current IT infrastructure, and allow a rotating 50/50 office staff.  You may ask 50/50 what , how..?  Well their plan is to allow staff to Telecommute every other week. In the current situation of all staff is remote. They have seen productivity increase, staff moral increase and over all satisfaction of staff increase with promising results.

Every other week staff will rotate from an onsite to a remote status.  Conferencing is still held like normal, but instead of everyone huddled in a conference room most will attend meetings remotely with video and or phone.  Projects are still discussed regularly, and updates are now provided real time via 3rd party apps such as slack or Microsoft teams.

Will it be the trend, will telecommuting finally take off and companies reap the benefits?  It is still soon to tell but if the world remains spinning, change is inevitable, and businesses will always want to reduce overhead.  We will see.

Until l then, Network Advisor Q is excited to be part of this business turning point and we hope in the future many more companies start to reduce their physical footprint, not only to reduce costs and overhead but to be more flexible and aware how technology is changing the way we do business.


We also wish everyone to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic.